Feedback From Jerry's Clients

Jerry Courville Golf


      Until I met Jerry my game was fairly stagnant and I had just about given up on improvement.  My first impression was amazing.  Just hearing his passion for the game, he renewed mine.  His patience, understanding, compassion, and knowledge gave new life to my game via professional instruction.  The very next day after my first lesson I shot a score I hadn’t ever thought I would attain.  Subsequent lessons and conversations have been nothing short of amazing with learning and improvement upon each visit.  I am able to recognize exactly what I am doing on the course and how to fix issues in my swing.  I’ve taken lessons from quite a few “Teaching Pro’s” and Jerry has a passion and ability to communicate you won’t find in other instructors.  Not only did he help build my skills with the golf club but also mental stability and confidence in shot making.  Jerry’s a true friend and invaluable resource that I owe my renewed passion for the game to. 
Andrew Lucas

     I have been playing golf for about 35 years (age 73 now) and always thought that I started too late in life to really play the game well.  My handicap has hovered in the mid 20's and I have taken so many lessons and read so many articles that I have been totally mixed up for years regarding my golf swing.  I began taking golf lessons with Jerry last year and am enjoying golf more than ever.  Jerry has total understanding of the golf swing and works with his students to improve their own swing.  He realizes that everyone's swing is unique and guides you to be the best golfer possible.  He is enthusiastic and works with you to accomplish whatever it is you need to understand.  He is so enveloped in the lesson that most of the time the lesson lasts longer than the time allotted.  He is always there for you and encourages you to email or call him after your round to discuss progress.
Dr. Warren Hammer

      I've been to Florida for golf schools and tried many "hot shot" instructors at different clubs.  Little did I know there was a "gem" in my own backyard, Jerry Courville!  Jerry took 10 strokes off my game, I'm lucky to have a true teaching pro who lives locally.  Jerry Courville is a master golf instructor, don't walk to sign up with him...RUN!
Stew Leonard Jr.

      I am a +3 handicap at Brooklawn CC in Fairfield, CT.  Last winter I started taking lessons with Jerry.  I have never met anyone who is so passionate about playing or teaching golf.  He is definitely one of a kind.
Kevin Murphy

     I came to Jerry with the expectation of scoring consistently in the low 90's, now I'm shooting in the 80's.  He's thorough, concise, clear, and made a difference in my game.  Jerry helped me exceed my own expectations.
Dr. Alison S. Tane

     I have been taking lessons from Jerry using a golf simulator for about six months.  He has an excellent way of communicating, making it very easy for me to understand what I need to do to improve my game.  I just returned from a golf trip.  I was very satisfied with my distance, but more importantly I kept the ball in play missing very few fairways.  I know that with Jerry's help I will continue to improve.
Harold Feder

      I was really nervous about playing golf with others.  After taking lessons with Jerry he solved that!  Jerry not only builds your golf skills but he builds your confidence too!  He is extremely patient and encouraging.  After I out drove my husband a few times he started taking lessons with Jerry too!
Kim Leonard

I'm now 11, I met Jerry when I was 7 years old.  I took a few lessons with Jerry.  My Junior Tournament scores: a few 38's and 39's.
Rasmey Kong